Green Screen


You are small, walking around or reacting looking at things that are huge to you.
You are flying.
You are talking about something that is happening (or a picture of some faraway place) behind you as in a news report.
You are running as fast as a car or fast animal.
You are jumping up to or down from something very high. (You would want to do this in two parts.)
You are climbing up (or down) a wall.
Cover something in green so it is invisible.
Have a conversation with yourself.

Keep in mind when filming

Keep the direction you should be facing in mind.
Look where your feet are.
Where should you be looking or walking or standing? What expressions should you have?

Where to get background videos or images that can be downloaded to use
Use Firefox. Get the "DownloadHelper" Addon from your Tools menu. It will put a little red/blue/yellow icon next to any YouTube video that can be downloaded. Click on that icon and choose m4a.

Green Screen Tricks - Flying

Kids driving

Cats Flying:

Green Screen and Program: After Effects

Lighting help

3 Point Lighting System:
  • Key Light Brightest light, (to right, all on, 45 degree angle, 5 ft from subject, to light up subject) Think about the background and where the sun is shining.
  • Fill Light (to left, Only turn half of them on, 45 degree angle, 5 ft from subject, to fill in shadows)
  • Hair Light or Boom Light or Backlight (above subject, to make hair show up and be more defined, to make subject stand out from background. This should be overtop of the person. This can also be used to light the green screen, as the other 2 lights are for the subject.

  • The subject should be about 5 ft away from

Lighting for green screen

Lighting for Black, White, and "Film Noir" backgrounds (but not green screen). Explains lighting very well though.

How to do Green Screen in iMovie