Write your name / Name of your site / Purpose of the site.

WAND Caleb/ Soccer Shop/ The purpose of this site is to work on my skills in computer art and site design.

Photropolis Lauren / Photography
My site's purpose is to give people photos to use. People are also allowed to upload their own photos.

Odessey fans Luke / Adventures in Odessey fans site

Sizzle Justin / Restaurant

Kitty Delite Kayla / Restaurant
Our purpose is to give really nice gourmet food for people and cats

Follow Jesus Andrew / Bible all purpose site

Lexi's Hope 100 Alexis / Raising Money to go to Rawanda-

Soccer Ben / Give info. about the soccer team FC (Football Club) Barcelona

Workouts Christian/ a bunch of different exercises.

Mind Control Jordan / Producing mental controllers for technology.

Sweet History Emilee/Local history involving candy.