Music Videos

  • Recess with little kids: Shoot very creative angles, empty equipment, swings, etc. close ups, far away, shots fading into others.
  • Contrast students walking in rows and sitting quietly in class to playing at recess. Playing can be when music is fast, sitting in seats, when music is slow.
  • Focus on the lockers - quiet halls, and then kids coming down and opening lockers, show what's inside
  • Get a song with beats and show lockers, books, doors, trappers, opening and closing with the beats. A pencil or piece of chalk drawing can show a long sound or feet walking or fingers typing can be tapping sounds. Think of an image that can match the sounds in the music.



Recess: "Sunshine" (Incompetech)
Calming: "Lemon"
Peaceful: "Windswept"